Our Expertise

Pilot Testing

Adhesives Before offering a product to our clients, we evaluate it for its respective end-use. Lower development and manufacturing costs contribute to lower costs for our end-users. This ensures that our clients not only get a product they want but also helps us in getting a better perspective, thereby enabling us to offer quick and timely solutions for implementation.


Adhesives Our dedication to provide good products, translates into significant benefits for our customers by way of improved adhesion, tack, consistency, clean machine behaviour and low prices. We deliver the right product for your application in a way that fits with your requirements. We deliver service tailored to your needs.


We have been at the art of adhesive application and development over more than 25 years. We have come across customers with diverse requirements across all types of industries. Our customers have offered valuable inputs and experience about their products and helped us in getting an insight from their perspective. This synergy has created a mutually beneficial situation for all our stakeholders.

Green footprint

Adhesives Small scale industries form a majority of the businesses in India. It is important that we contribute proactively to lessen the burden on the environment. We, in our own way have taken small steps for going green like planting trees, putting efficient shades and upgrading windows, switching to energy saving LED’s / low flow water fixtures and getting employees at the end of the day to unplug all electrical equipment at the wall. Also our equipment’s are sourced from manufacturers known for making machines with higher efficiency. This allows us to reduce waste and reduce energy consumption.

We Reduce, Reuse & Recycle