We have a range of water borne adhesives to suit every type of application. They are based on Natural and Synthetic sources offering superior adhesion, above average shelf life, ideal pH values and a range of viscosities. Being water based, our adhesives are not only easy to wash-off but also devoid of harmful organic emissions and safe to use.

Besides our standard products, we are also in a position to offer you tailor made adhesives to suit your requirement and delivered at your convenience, to your doorstep.

  • Adhesives Natural - Our adhesives are manufactured from good quality starch sourced from quality manufacturers in India and abroad. This starch is obtained from cereal grains or tubers namely Corn and Tapioca. However the ability to formulate adhesives of higher solids generally accounts for the greater use of dextrines (modified starch) over starches. These adhesives give faster tack development, rapid drying and increased production rates. Our adhesives possess a wide range of solution properties, each having its own special characteristics.
  • Adhesives Synthetic - We manufacture synthetic adhesives at consistent properties and which are resistant to moisture and also dry faster.
    In addition, we modify them in many ways and are often combined to obtain the best characteristics for a particular application. They possess a clean behaviour, impart strength and flexibility and have greater spread on an adherend surface, thereby making them very viable as alternatives to natural adhesives.

Our range of coatings cover most industries from metals, marine, appliances, buildings/interiors, automotive, construction etc. Our coatings are based on Alkyds, Epoxies and Polyurethanes.

  • Alkyds - The range of Alkyd coatings possess special properties like low glass transition temperature and good wetting ability. They are also modified for different properties like enhanced appearance, good gloss retention, resistance to corrosion and excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates like plastic, wood, metal, composites and urban/ industrial floors. These are attractively priced and the main polymers to be used in the paints and coatings industry.
  • Epoxies - The range of environment friendly and easy to use epoxies provide extensive anti-corrosive treatment of metals and allied fittings. They are two- component, high solids coating with a fast drying ability thereby also allowing a faster recoat if so desired. They can be applied as a fresh or as a maintenance coating. They can be applied by air/ airless spray or brush and have very good resistance to abrasion, water, chemicals and solvents. Epoxies can also be used as primers to improve paint adhesion in the auto and marine industry and where protection against rust is important especially metal cans and containers.
  • Polyurethanes - The range of polyurethanes provide an excellent recoatability and durable finishes for most environments. They can be applied as a fresh or as a maintenance coating on Glass, Metal, Wood, Plastics and urban/industrial floors. They can be applied on a pre-primed surface by air/ airless spray, brush and have very good resistance to sunlight (UV), abrasion, water, chemicals and solvents.
Modified Starch

We subject starch to physical and chemical modification, which results in excellent properties making it possible for use in a variety of applications for the paper conversion industry. Our Spectragum® range of modified starches possess a good degree of water resistance and provide hard bonds, both properties very much in demand for this industry. Our Spectradex® range of dextrines are made of high quality base starch which is hydrolyzed under controlled conditions using suitable catalysts. Depending on the degree of conversion, they are white or yellowish in colour, tasteless and odourless powders. They offer excellent adherence and superior runnability.